Reggae Brunch is a new concept for the Netherlands so this page tries to answer the questions you may have about the events. If you can't find an answer to your question on this page, contact us directly and we will reply as soon as possible.

Should I come to a Reggae Brunch event?

YES - We have put together an event to make you say wow. From authentic Caribbean meals, our signature Reggae Rum Punch cocktails and the Reggae Brunch Party, you will kick yourself if you don't come along to experience it for yourself!

Secret Location? WTF. Where's Reggae Brunch?

In Amsterdam

Sshhh. It's a secret. We have secured an amazing location to be the base of Reggae Brunch in Amsterdam. 

The venue has been transporting people to the Caribbean for decades and is the perfect place to host Reggae Brunch overlooking the Ij. 

Getting there is easy. It is less than 15 minutes away from Amsterdam Central Station by bicycle or public transport.

Ticket holders will receive the specific location five days before the Reggae Brunch event they have booked.

Other cities

We currently have confirmed events in Amsterdam throughout the summer but we are still searching for the perfect locations to bring Reggae Brunch to Rotterdam, Den Haag/Scheveningen and elsewhere in the Netherlands. Contact us to recommend a location.

What is included in my ticket?

Every single Reggae Brunch event will include admission to the venue, bottomless Reggae Rum Punch cocktails*, a delicious two course Caribbean meal and time to party led by a DJ playing the best reggae, dancehall, soca, amapiano, afro beats, reggaeton, commercial hits and much more.

Do you ever give discounts or special offers?

Yes. We love to treat our Reggae Brunch family to special offers and discounts. Special offers and discounts will always be limited to a specific number of lucky guests and we always send information about them to subscribers of our email list first. 

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It's my birthday near the date of a Reggae Brunch event. Can I celebrate it at Reggae Brunch?

Yes. We welcome birthday groups and offer great birthday packages including free bottles of bubbles, a birthday cake and a birthday presentation. Find out more about our birthday packages here.

I don't drink alcohol. Is there an alternative to the Reggae Rum Punch cocktail?

Yes. Guests who prefer not to drink alcohol should indicate this by ticking the relevant box when they are booking their ticket and there will be bottomless mocktails waiting for you on the day.

The event sounds amazing but I am vegetarian/vegan. Is there a meal option for me?

Yes. We planned Reggae Brunch to be welcome for as many people as possible so we will have a vegan or vegetarian menu available at all of our events.  See the individual event pages for specific menus.

I heard Caribbean food can be spicy. Will the food be too spicy for me? (I'm Dutch)

Good question! Caribbean food makes use of a whole range of delicious flavours including some hot spices. Spice tolerance is different for every individual but we have done extensive testing of our menu and we think we have a great balance to make our food accessible to most guests (even if you are Dutch!).

For guests who love the authentic Caribbean spice levels, indicate this using the tick box when you book your ticket and we will be delighted to make sure your plate comes bursting with the full Caribbean taste.

I booked tickets separately from my friends. Can I still sit with them at the event?

Yes. When you book your ticket, there is a box where you can enter the names of other attendees you want to sit with.

How many people can sit at a single table?

We have various table sizes seating 2, 4, 6 and 8 people. We will make a seating plan based on the information provided by guests when they book tickets.

Are there terrace tables so I can enjoy the warm weather and overlook the Ij?

Check the event page for the specific event you want to attend. If there are Reggae Brunch Terrace Tickets, then you are in luck and we have secured an incredible location for the event!

If I book a terrace ticket but the weather is bad, what will happen?

Have no fear. We know that we can't rely on Dutch weather to stay nice so we will always have alternative arrangements in case the weather make a terrace unusable.

I booked tickets but I can't attend anymore. What can I do?

Unfortunately ticket sales are final but we do allow ticket holders to transfer a ticket to a friend so that the cocktails and food don't go to waste. Check out how to transfer a ticket under Article 8.3 of our Terms and Conditions .

*Bottomless Reggae Rum Punch will be available for a set period of time during the Reggae Brunch event. Check specific event pages for details.